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May 6, 2017

I'm happy to announce that C2Kstudios has found a new home with InstaFree.com. Details pending after I get everything up and running again. Thank you for your patience.

This is creative space

Welcome to C2Kstudios. I deliver unique and elegant HTML5 websites, digital media, artworks, and other creative services, at home and around the world. I have over thirty years of experience working and playing with computers, with clients, and with creativity. My mission is to provide practical, fair-cost solutions to those looking to stake their claim in today's digitally social world.

web studio

The Web Studio delivers unique HTML5 websites, hosting services, and other digital media content worldwide.

tech studio

The Tech Studio is the hub for all of my onsite, in-house, custom tutorials, and other local area services.

art studio

All original pastel on canvas artworks displayed in the Art Studio are available for sale. Custom projects are also welcomed.

word studio

One day, I will start writing again. One day... For now, there is the Word Studio. Maybe I'll even update it again sometime...


Learn more about C2Kstudios, view legal information, and visit some of my favourite sites, all at the Infodesk.

here is some creative space for you