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Thank you for visiting. Below, you will find more information about me and about C2Kstudios. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or issues that you may have concerning the site, its content, special requests, or anything else you may wish to comment on. Feedback is always appreciated.

Legal Information

est. 1996 as Cookbooks From Venus Publishing House,
re-branded 2011 as C2Kstudios
Clint Robertson, owner/operator

All original graphics, photos, and text contained within www.C2Kstudios.com and any of its sub domains is protected by copyright reserved exclusively by Clint Robertson.

Every effort has been made by C2Kstudios to: 1) ensure that all images, fonts, scripts, code packages, or any other media, not originally created in-house, are either Public Domain/Freeware or are otherwise licenced for commercial use, and 2) attribute those data to their original creator(s) in accordance with any applicable licences, and in acceptance of online practices. However, any copyright owner who feels that their rights are being infringed upon by any content contained within this website can contact the webmaster and have said offending content removed immediately.


C2Kstudios.com collects statistics on visitor activity via Google Analytics. This includes information on location, service provider, and software but does not include any other personal information, and is never shared by me with anyone. I can no longer include an opt-out like I could with Piwik, but let's face it, Google owns the world; there's no hiding from them anyway.

Legacy Support

C2Kstudios offers support for legacy editions of Internet Explorer through conditional stylesheets. If you are using IE8 or below, C2Kstudios politely encourages you to select a more modern alternative, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to enjoy the full experience of HTML5 websites like C2Kstudios.com.

About the Webmaster

I grew up in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, and was already a published poet and journalist when, at 20 years-old, I founded Cookbooks From Venus Publishing House in 1996. CFV Publishing offered print media design services to local area businesses, and in 1997 I launched The Lake Country Source community newsletter.

I moved to Ontario in 1999 to pursue other ventures, including a family. In 2006 I launched A___'s Super Awesome Website to share photos of my new daughter with my friends and family back in BC. Finally, in 2011, I re-launched the business and re-branded the new site as C2Kstudios.com.

You can see the complete story of the history of C2Kstudios here on my official webmaster's blog.

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